Blue Fly....Stone??

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  1. #1 Oct 19, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010

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  2. bump...
  3. I just bought one of the new prada hobos in stone... it is a really pretty soft grey. The purse pictured above is nothing close.

    This link shows the color of the bag (even though saks calls it light grey). I purchased it from Neimans where it was called stone but the neimans on-line picture makes the bag look more taupe - it is definitely the color of the bag in this link:
  4. Thank you so much mssmanilow!!

    Is this the style you purchased too (in your link)? I would LOVE to see a modeling pic!!
  5. You are welcome! And that is the bag I bought... and I LOVE IT!!! I hesitated for a little while because I try to wait and buy my bags on sale but I saw the bag in the store last week, tried it on, and couldn't stop thinking about it... so I took the plunge and ordered it online. I carried it for the first time yesterday and all buyers remorse flew out the window :smile: I will try my best to get a modeling pic up for you soon - let me know if you end up with a stone bag too - the color is AMAZING!!
  6. been ogling that bag too since i first saw it! Really gorgeous. i too would love to see a modelling pic.
  7. Me too! mssmanilow- would LOVE a modeling pic if you have time! I think this might be my final decision. I still love the hobo style, but this one has just a big more structure.
  8. Hello, is your bag almost the same color as this bag?

    can you post the modelling pics?

    THANKS!!!!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: