Blue fly coupon code

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have a Bluefly coupon code I could use. I've already used the "missedyou354" one.

  2. Try missedyou222

    I just tried it and it does work: 15% off your entire order ($100 minimum purchase)
  3. It worked....thanks a million!
  4. [​IMG] New customers save $15 on $100 or more. Returning customers save $10 on $100 or more.

    Visit – Over 350 designers starting at 40% off. Fabulous new styles are added everyday including Gucci, Prada, Manolo Blahnik, Diane von Furstenberg, Theory & many more. Click Redeem Online for details and restrictions.
    Online Redemption Details:

    • New Customers: Enter code NJUMP15 for $15 off $100
    • Returning Customers: Enter code NEXTBF10 for $10 off $100
    Offer Code:
    New Customers: NJUMP15, Returning : NEXTBF10
  5. aebf30 for $30 off!
  6. i missed the sale where it was 10 percent off all the items on their site i think this was tuesday .does any oen know if there going to have that again?
  7. I got an invitation only e-mail today offering 20% off. If you sign up for their e-mail notifications, they will send these to you. I can forward it to you if you PM me your e-mail address.
  8. missedyou222- i just used this one, still works!
  9. Try WELCOME843, it should be good until Nov. 30.
  10. sorry, I meant to include its for a 10% discount.
  11. The missedyou codes wern't working for me a few hours ago.. i ended up using the aebf30 one.
  12. Does anyone else have any bluefly codes?
  13. MISSEDYOU211 worked. 15% off
  14. I used this code earlier today for a Fendi bag for my mom. Worked like a charm!
  15. Anyone have any fresh, new bluefly codes??
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