Blue fish coin purse on eBay

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  1. I know there are lots of fans of the BV animal coin purses out there - so I wanted to let you know that a dark(ish) blue one has popped up on eBay today if anyone is interested!
  2. I saw that one too, and wonder if the seller is a PFer, the ID sounds so familiar...:idea:
  3. I wish it was the turtle (I have the fishy) - I've been looking for that 'lil guy forever.
  4. Yup, a TPFer :nuts:
    A regular on Balenciaga forum :heart:
  5. How much does it cost in a BV store usually the fish coin purse?
  6. ^^They were around $100. new.
  7. I'm wondering if it will go to a PFer :graucho:

  8. It's now $250ish usd ;)
  9. And now I see a red ladybug there, for US$295BIN or BO. Wow.

    beauxgoris, I just got myself an ebano turtle. Good luck on your hunt!!
  10. what does the turtle ebano coin look like?:P
  11. Actually I believe they are currently in the $240 - $250 range in the boutiques... But they just have fish and frogs these days (no turtles or ladybugs) and I believe only in basic colours (ebano, nero, noce, maybe bianco although they looked for me and couldn't find any). I think the outlets had a few them from time to time for less, but that is really hit or miss. I don't therefore think the red ladybug (I have one too - go get it - it is wonderful!!) price is out of line... or the blue fish for that matter - if you really want one of them in those colours you are just not going to find it at a BV boutique now, and most likely not at an outlet either.
  12. ^^WOW - that was the outlet price a couple of years ago - so I'm sure they have gone up. I didn't know they were still making them! :heart:

    If only they made a pig (in pink) then my world would be complete. :heart:
  13. I don't see the red ladybug anymore - did someone here get it?!
  14. And the blue fish is sold too - again, anyone get the little guy?!
  15. Those animal purses are really cute and i used to own the red ladybug and sold for USD290. In fact, i also have the blue & tan fish as well...hehe
    I've seen the turtle before in the store and it was the last one but i got it for my frnd instead but never get it for my own...LOLL

    Anyway, it's worth gettin them since it's so rare;)