Blue Fendi Spy.. how to wear..

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  1. It's been quite a while since I bought this one, but most of the time, it's just sitting in my closet as I don't know what the best way to match the bag with my outfit.. I usally wear black.. And I feel like black and blue don't go too well.. how would you?? or do you wear blue bags??
  2. I love blue bags. I have a cornflower Balenciaga that I wear quite often with jeans and other casual wear. I just got a Marc Jacobs Blake bag in the color denim which I plan to use with just about anything at all. I think light shades of blue can be used with most colors.
  3. Lets see some pics to help bump this thread along?
  4. pretty much
  5. Get a Christian Audigier T- shirt(limited edition) to give the bag some punch!
  6. ...or not...!
  7. I think the Petrol spy looks good with alot of colors, I remember someone saying since the shade of blue is like perfect, it goes with alot. If I had one I`d wear it with browns, blacks, whites, light purples, greens, light pinks, greys just not red or other blues.
  8. I posted some pictures of me and my petrol spy. Like I said, its as versatile as blue jeans. You can wear it with anything!
  9. Petrol is so versatile. You can wear it with subdued or neutral colors; you can wear it with bright colors. You should just have a fashion show and try different outfits with the bag. If you are comfortable and confident in your outfit, you will rock it.