Blue- Eyed, Brunette,, Britney, Steps Out.

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  1. [​IMG]
    She looked happy as she went out to dinner at Sushi House in Beverly Glen, California, on Saturday night.
  2. I think the brown hair and blue eyes remind me of my siamese cats! Pretty!
  3. Damn her. I want blue eyes, contacts irritate me tho >_<
    Suits her !
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. She looks happy!!
  6. looks so much better I think...
  7. her legs look great!
  8. A dash of red lipstick can change anyone's look in minutes....
  9. She looks horrid...but happy!!
  10. exactly what i thought!
  11. Yeah she looks terrible....but glad she's happy at least!!
  12. I like Britney but why on earth does she ALWAYS wear those boots? I understand that we all have favorite items in our wardrobe but lately I haven't seen her wear any other's just flip flops or these boots.
    I don't like the fake contacts or the fake hair......I'm sure she can't wait for her own to grow back!
  13. God I think she looks ruff.
  14. It's great that she seems to be doing well. Great. But can she PLEASE get a stylist? Please.
  15. She looks so... different! The second pic doesn't even look like her!