Blue Epi

  1. Hello all, this is my first post in this LV forum. I am thinking of getting a blue epi speedy. For those who owns this color, how do you like it? Is it versatile? Also, does it look better with gold or silver hardware? TIA
  2. Welcome!!! Are you talking about a new blue (Myrtille) or the old Toledo blue? I think Myrtille only comes with silver hardware (correct me if I am wrong, LV lovers) and Toledo blue (which can only be found on eBay or consignment shops now) only comes with gold. Both are great colors. I had a couple of things in Toledo blue and used to wear them with jeans, black, white, etc. I didn't find it hard to wear as I don't like matching things. Myrtille I am not sure about as I've never seen it IRL. I think it's a little softer shade of blue and will be easier to wear. What bag are you thinking about?
  3. Blue is very versatile IMO! It matches stuff better than the other colors (even thought they're just as pretty!).
  4. Such a pretty bag.
  5. Thank you! I like the gold hardware so I guess I will go for the old blue. Does anyone have a picture of the old blue and how does it compare to the new one?