Blue Epi?

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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just couldn't find BLUE epi on catalogues anymore. Are they gone forever?
    For this reason I'm getting a little nervous about carrying a blue epi anymore, it's actually a beautiful color but now people would probably start thinking mine is fake since the colour isn't listed, wouldn't they?

    Any knowledge about the blue epi's disappearance would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, I believe blue epi is discontinued. I have not seen it in LV stores or on the website. However, I too love blue epi.

    There will always be people who question the authenticity of your things- it's their problem. :lol:
    You should happily wear your blue epi. I'm still searching for a blue epi keepall 45.
  3. Blue Epi disapeared around 2003/2004
    Myrtille around 2006

    Please, do not be put off by this, you have a special bag, I'm lusting after Noe in Blue or Myrtille!
  4. Thx heaps, howaru09! :smile: :smile:
  5. LV has made and discontinued so many Epi colors that it would make no sense to stop carrying them when they're no longer available. Actually, a lot of the discontinued colors are sought-after, especially by collectors. For example, I would love to find a mandarin (orange) speedy, which was discontinued LONG ago.

    I have a yellow epi that I very happily carry, even though the color hasn't been available for about a decade. Then there's Grenade, which was discontinued last year (or so). People with 2 year old bags aren't going to get rid of them, either.

    If you love your bag, who cares what other people think?
  6. I have couple of slg's in mandarin and looooove them (organiser de poche and compact wallet)
    it's nice to have 'rare' pieces
  7. The brighter blue is called Toledo Blue and it is discontinued
  8. Ditto. I have a Noe in the recently discontinued rouge and will carry it as long as I am able. If you love the color, it doesn't matter if it's still available. Double ditto on the mandarin, I have a key case but would love to get my hands on a bag.
  9. I have a speedy in myrtille which gets so many compliments. This spring blue is going to be a very popular color so your bag should fit in just fine!

  10. Yes, the blue is gone; don't be afraid to carry your vintage piece. I have the Epi Speedy in Fawn and the Mabillon (backpack) in Cipango Gold, and I wear them with pride. These colors have been gone for AGES!! I always receive compliments on them when I use them, especially the Speedy.

    BTW, what drives me crazy is that all of the Epi now has nickel hardware! Grrrr.... I'm a gold girl! Sorry, just had to vent...

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  11. YES!! I LOVE the dark blue Myrtle color! Wish I had gotten one when they were available...:drool:
  12. My yellow one's a petite noe! They look SO great in color :smile:
    And I'm ready for mandarin of these days I'll find something perfect.

  13. ditto! ditto! .. I LOVE the speedy but I am a "gold-tone" girl too.... for that reason I am scouring for "preloved" speedys .. hope I'm lucky enough to find once in great condition (and a not ridiculous price!!) soon :smile:
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