blue epi alma?

  1. any members have the blue epi alma? i looked at it yesterday at the LV boutique- the lining is beautiful! and i love the color. is it versatile? seems that blue is a great sping color! opinions please!
  2. OMG!!! I LOVE that color!!! Def. GO FOR IT!!! I don't think you'll regret it!!!
  3. go for it
  4. I love the color too! I think you should get it!
  5. get it!! the color is gorgeous.
  6. oops, must learn to read more carefully. I bought the blue speedy not the alma.
  7. i love blue, so totally go for it!
  8. Great choice for the alma ... so much nicer than the mono IMO.
  9. i may get it then if i can sell my black mabilon. thanks for oyur opinions!