Blue Elisha issue

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  1. I emailed Kooba asking if the blue Elisha should have dark spots on the leather (both I've ordered from Neiman Marcus have, and they just don't look right). Here's their response, what do you all think: ?

    Dear Kooba Online Customer,
    Thank you for contacting Kooba online.
    The Elisha bag has a vintage look to it. It is normal for bags to
    have darker areas.
    Feel free to contact us with any questions and or concerns.
    Kind Regards,
    Customer Service
    Kooba Online
    323-325-9819 Phone
    310-868-2938 Fax
  2. That is the pretty much the stock response about color variations. The colors do have variations, but it is really how much you like/dislike the bag. If you don't care for the spots, I'd return it. If you are bothered now, you'll be bothered down the road.
  3. I think it's a standard response, too. It's just too concidental that all of us are having issues with our bags and they claim its "vintage".
  4. I've heard other tpfers complain about Kooba's customer service numerous times....
    If it bothers you, I would definitely return...
  5. this is the 3rd one from Neiman Marcus, the other 2 have gone back already. The dark spots on this one look like they smeared the glue from the seams on it. I even had to cut extra glue off the stitching in the back. But it is such a pretty bag overall :sad:
  6. Yes, I haven't mentioned this in any of my posts, but both of my Jacinda bags had glue all over them. I didn't attempt to remove it from the Lavender Jacinda, but I sure enough scraped it off the bottom of the black patent.
  7. I would definitely take the Elisha back. You should not have to accept a bag that is far from perfect. A designer should provide a quality product and if it doesn't meet your expectations, it should go back. Kooba should lose out, not you the customer. With all the Kooba bag problems recently, I wouldn't be surprised if department stores start giving up on Kooba, as they seem more hassle than they're worth.
  8. Last year I ordered Red Elisha twice and sent it back both time because of similar leather imperfections. I love the model but couldn't live with 'vintage' quality.