Blue Dot Boutique Sale - Final Day Sunday

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    we just finished Day 1 at the first bluedotboutiquesale of Orange County. we knew there would be great merchandise all under one roof, but we didn't realize how many ridiculous deals there would be! boots and bags... clothes for women, men and babies... almost everything is 75% off! despite the 'cash only' advertising, many retailers accept credit cards (us included).

    tomorrow is the FINAL DAY from 11 to 5 at the fairgrounds in costa mesa. do NOT miss this amazing shopping event! buy your tickets at the door: other details below... see you tomorrow!
  2. Hello Bagachondriac,

    I'm new but I can already tell that your an awesome resource! Many thanks for all that you do.

    I've been thinking of buying higher end bags for resale. Do you do this? Any tips?

  3. Welcome aboard Kcbb and get ready to lose everything in your wallet!! LOL!! Thanks for the kind words. In answer to your question, I am the last person that you would want guidance from in the area of resale! OMG.....I hate it when I buy a final sale bag which for some reason doesn't move me but which can't be returned to the e-tailer. I've sold about a dozen on eBay, but TBH I've either broke even on the sale or lost money after paying eBay/PP fees. My last auction ended after two days with an international buyer who attempted a scam. This particular bag had been previously listed 3 times for the amount I paid, and I then reduced the price by $55 on the 4th listing. What I usually do is to sell or gift my unwanted bags to relatives and certainly gives me more pleasure. For advice on selling, I would suggest that you visit the eBay forum where the experts can give you first-rate advice. Alas, my expertise lies in locating the avenues through which you can spend all of your money rather than adding to it. LOL!
  4. lol bagachondriach,

    thanks for the response:smile:. I certanly dont mind spending some but would love to add more than I spend :smile: I will post in th ebay forum.

    Cheers and happy hunting!