Blue Dior Gaucho

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  1. It is finally blue Gaucho single shoulder bag! And of course there has to be *something.* The buckle on the strap across the flap of the bag has the middle part BEHIND the ring of the buckle. Does that make sense? The part that goes through the hole in the strap, I is supposed to fit into the groove on the curved part of the buckle, but instead it is behind it entirely. I didn't notice at first, but now it is bugging me and it is too long to just be able to maneuver it to the front. Suggestions?
    Blue Dior Gaucho.jpg Blue Dior Gaucho 2.jpg
  2. She's BEAUTIFUL!!!:love:
  3. Hmm I've never see a Gaucho IRL, so I don't really understand what you're saying. Hopefully the other Gaucho owners on the forum can help you out.

    It looks great on the pic!
  4. Oooops! Forgot to give you a busy drooling over your new baby :P

    I'm not completely sure I know what you mean but nothing looks "off" just by looking at it. All the same if its bothering you and you know somethings off, would it be too much hassle to send it back? Can you call and ask customer service if they have suggestions?
  5. Congrats ET! I don't own one, so I have no good advice!
  6. Stunning color, ET! Wow :nuts: I'm practically drooling here :love:

    I don't have any suggestions on the buckle issue, wish I did :shame: Where did you get it from? Can you possibly take it back and see if they have any suggestions?
  7. Let me see if I can explain it better. The "prong" part of the buckle is supposed to go through the hole in the leather and then rest in the groove on the U-shaped part of the buckle (there is a groove cut in for this purpose)...BUT instead, the prong goes through the hole and behind the U-shaped part, so the groove is exposed and the prong is against the leather flap. If you look closely at the pic of the bag taken outside (not hanging) you can see that the prong goes behind the buckle part.
  8. I would think that it should rest on top in the groove, not under. I have never heard that before, but I will definitely need to check this out.

    It sounds like they didn't make the prong long enough. If it was an intentional design, it makes sense to me too, because if it tucks underneath, it wouldn't get caught on clothing, etc... but I'm not 100% if that's what you were referring to.

    Ugh, I'm so sorry. :sad:
  9. ^^ It is TOO long to come through the buckle, but it was positioned wrong when they bolted the strap part down! It is supposed to be in the front/top groove. I wish I could do something to fix it.
  10. If you wanted to fix it yourself, then you could probably easily do that with a pair of pliers and then using a craft rubber hammer to bend it back into proper shape, but that would be a last resort, imo, especially considering the risk of potentially breaking the prong.. I would opt to send it back and have them send you a new one.

    This color is a fall color, so they should get more.
  11. Oh, I think I kinda get it. So the prong does not fit into the groove. Right? Sounds like a defect to me, I suggest exchanging it for a new one.
  12. Yes, I see what you mean. It would bug me, too! Hmmm....wonder if they'd give you any money off for a defect, BUT you have to be willing to live with it.
  13. That's what happened with my had a black mark on the handle, so they gave me money off. But how many defective bags am I going to GET?

    I called Dior and they do not have any more of this size/color, and it is the most popular style and size. My SA is going to see if there are anymore in the company. Ugh! :amazed:
  14. That stinks, ET!!! I remember now about your Edith! If they can't find another one, demand for some money off. That's BS!! You shouldn't pay full price for a bag with a defect even if you are willing to live with it.
  15. ET-if it really bothers you, I would see if they have another one coming in so you can trade. BalenciagaLove says this is a Fall color, so you must be one of the first to get one. I looked at my gaucho and I do not think I would want to attempt having myself or anyone else try to fix this problem. It may only make it worse. It is a defect and for this kind of money, I would want my bag to be perfect even if no one can really see it. I think it will always bug you.