Blue Denim Speedy, Pink Denim Speedy or Blue Denim Cabby MM?

  1. Hi Everyone! I purchased the Black Denim Cabby MM from eluxury and I LOVE THIS BAG! :yahoo: I can't believe how much I love this bag... I am now hooked and would like to get another denim :rolleyes: ...what do you recommend? A Blue or Pink Denim Neo Speedy? or a Blue Denim Cabby MM? Do you know if LV has come out with a blk neo speedy? Please let me know what you suggest... much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I love the idea of the blue neo speedy! So cute.
  3. blue neo speedy!
  4. I vote Fuchsia speedy!!:tup:
  5. I would get the pink neo speedy if you have the opportunity, it is SO cute!
  6. Pink Speeeedy! :biggrin:
  7. Tough choice as they're all lovely but I'd have to go w/ the Fuchsia Speedy!:yes:
  8. cabby mm:drool:
  9. Blue cabby mm. I never really liked the denim line untill i saw the cabby. Too bad they don't have a pink cabby that would be cute
  10. Pink Speedy.
  11. I really love the blue Neo Speedy :love:
  12. Pink speedy! And congrats on the black denim cabby. I saw it IRL in the boutique and it is GORGIOUS!!!
  13. Blue neo speedy. It's very versatile. ;)
  14. fuchsia speedy if you can still find them since it is a discontinued color ... if not then the blue! congrats on the black cabby.
  15. Pink speedy!!