Blue de prusse Birkin 35 cm

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  1. I now have 2 Birkins. One 40 cm in Cafe Clemence, one black 40 cm Togo....

    I got a call from my SA for a 35 cm BDP. The question is:

    1.) If I don't get it, (less than 1% chance), then will the SA not call me for future bags? I am holding out for a red one.

    2.) Any thoughts on BDP as a color? I liked it, it seemed nice and neutral but then Hermes does their bags so well!

    3.) When do you get to place your SO? Maybe I can place my red as a SO??

    Thoughts/ideas welcome.
  2. 1. Refusing it wouldn't stop them offering you other bags as it's not like you are refusing a bag made for you

    2. Depends on the leather, BDP looks different on different leathers

    3. An SO is generally a bi or tri coloured bag so what you would want to place is a podium order which could be done any time from the beginning of next month or so
  3. yep. zoopla, look here: Blue de Prusse ?
  4. THank you! I appreciate it. I was mainly concerned about them not calling me for a red one just in case I pass on this one.
  5. zoopla, I passed on a couple of bags that were offered to me and it didn't matter to my SA.

    I did get a chance to see BdP in Togo and it was absolutely gorgeous. The reds that Hermes does are equally beautiful.
  6. zoopla, I saw one Blue de Prusse TOGO PHW 35 Birkin in Beverly Hills store last week, it is really pretty. And I personally has a BDP Togo So Kelly bag, I love the color & the leather combination. It is really gorgeous.
  7. i love my bdp birkin, it is a great blue. if you pass on it to get the red, i'm sure the SAs will understand :smile: good luck on your decision!
  8. I talked to my SA today and asked her about the red. She said that she already took care of the red one and it will come by the end of the year. She said that if I wanted to specify leather for the red I could and now I am struggling with the colors and the red color!!!!!

    I have it narrowed down to:

    rouge garrance
    rouge H
    Rouge vif

    My guess is those are all the reds. I am still trying to figure out the leather. I have been reading and people seem to love:


    So far, my research on the forum has revealed the above. I think I might have to open another thread to gather input for what red and what leather to get. Going nuts!!!

    I love the BDP color. I will most likely get that too!
  9. ^^^btw, what the SA said confused me, how could she have asked for a red bag without knowing the leather/color I would like. My guess is that it is probably luck of the draw...
  10. I am not one to wear blue bags, but blue de prusse is one color I would take in a heartbeat! Now if you can have both blue and red, problem solved, right?! My preference for the colors listed is rouge H in box, rouge garrance in clemence, rouge vif in fjord (there's someone's bag in this color/combo and it is so vibrant and beautiful!)
  11. I guess that she just put you on the waiting list, no matter which red color comes in, she just have a chance to give you a call and give you chance to choose.

    I have a Rouge H in Fjord, if you need, I can post the pic here for your reference, as well as my BDP so kelly. :smile:
    I understand that how hard to make decision on choosing color and leather. This is my headache now too.
  12. ^^, yes please, I would be so grateful for pictures of red bags in different leathers. This will be my 4th and last Birkin.

    40 cm Cafe Clemence, Black Togo both with GHW
    35 cm BDP Togo with PHW
    35 cm Red___________ TBD

    That is it!!!
  13. Here is my 22cm So Kelly bag which is Bleu de Prusse Togo PHW (I posted the Rouge H Fjord Birkin in your another thread)

  14. Mine is bleu de prusse and it is superb! get it
  15. bdp looks fab with jeans :smile: it's so mercurial in real life, it photographs so differently. sometimes it's a deep navy and sometimes it's a lighter brighter blue.

    re: red i vote rouge H in box. both classics!!! :smile: