Blue Cult jeans...

It's no problem at all to buy the same pair of jeans twice! In fact, it might even be prudent in case they discontinue the I have found out in the past.
Hi Buttery,

I have actually bought two pairs of the same jeans, but the higher end jeans are all individual. So, even if one pair fits you like a dream, the same exact style and size, may fit slightly differently. I've decided to stop doing this because it just gives me another reason to buy a different pair!
Buttery said:
I ordered some, received them in the mail today, put them on....:love:

I don't mean to brag, but they are making my butt look gooooooood!!! :lol: I'm very petite and the jeans are giving me curves that I never knew I had. *SIGH* They will definitley be part of my "new bag" campaign...I'll just try these on in front of my husband...Then, while he is salivating, I'll sadly mention that I wish I had a new bag too. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, these jeans look great!

I bought a pair of blue cult a couple of weeks ago and they do the same to my butt. I'm also a size 28--any jeans that make my butt look good I buy.