Blue Croc Sac Plat - Dream Bag!

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  1. Ok, ok, this bag isn't real, I photoshopped it myself. But what do you think? A Sac Plat in blue crocodile would be my ultimate dream bag! I wish it existed (and that I could afford it!)

  2. Its gorgeous!!
  3. very pretty!!! I woudl buy it if the price was right :yes:
  4. I love croc. If I was filthy rich, every bag and accessorie that I owned would be made of croc.
  5. Pretty!
  6. Love it! Great photoshop!
  7. Oh my, can you photoshop it in red and also in taupe ostrich?
  8. Dreams do come true!!!! Gotta love photoshop!
  9. What a pretty color. Croc is so so so elegant.
  10. awesome photoshopping skillz!!!:biggrin:
  11. Wow you did a really good job!
  12. Oh my goodness, looks like a gorgeous bag! I wish it was real.....and came in an Alma....and was affordable! LOL Great job!
  13. OMG - it's gorgeous.
  14. hahaha croc and blue are both not my thing. but amazing ps skills! hahah
  15. Rodeo Drive boutique had an Alligator and Ostrich Alma in red, blue, and taupe about 2 years ago. Can't remember the prices though.