Blue Comparison Pics...

  1. There are 20 billion blues....seems like one every season. And it is so hard choosing between them....

    I have the sky blue and the aquamarine.

    Now I am contemplating another blue...but anyone out there who is a blue you have any comparison pics with this years blues (blue glacier, ocean, marine, aquamarine, french blue)?

    Also...any of the experts out there....can you break down the blues in terms of how similar they are to other colors?

    For example...I've found that:

    aquamarine 2007 = teal 2005

    But what about the rest? **In fact, I think this would be helpful for all the colors out there...but I'm only going to tackle blues first!**
  2. [​IMG]

    Top left: 05 teal, top right, 06 blue india, bottom: 05 turquoise... HTH!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ohhhh I love that 05 turquoise first! Nice collection and good thread! Am curious to see electic blue for 2008 in comparison with FB.
  5. Clockwiase from upper left: Ink, Blueberry, Cornflower, Blue Glacier


    Blues1.jpg Blues2.jpg
  6. wow. such gorgeous bags!
  7. sof: I like your 05 Teal Day...the nicest blue i've ever seen
  8. The real colour is a shade darker than the photo shows, a dark rich blue. It is called Navy but it is richer and more vivid than a traditional nave blue.
  9. Wonderful colour. I am not really a fan of blue but love this one.
  10. South of France you 05 turq is truely truely the most amazing:wtf::drool::heart::tup:, everytime i see that color i am in awe!! All you guys with that color are sooooooooo lucky
  11. sofrance and cheshire, i wanna roll around in your bags. so lovely!!!
  12. My favorite blue is Aquamarine- it's soooooooooooooooooo bright and vivid!

    but- I love the French Blue also-
  13. :drool: I'm lovin' the '05 Teal!!
  14. Here are my Bblues (I don't have the Mid A and the Purse anymore) :
    - Cornflower First (the best with jeans IMO)
    - Marine Day
    - Ink Work

    - Ink Purse
    - Blue India Mid A
    First Cornflower SS06.jpg Day Marine SS07.jpg Work Ink SS06.jpg Purse Ink SS06.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06.jpg
  15. the color of some blues are slightly different. sometime i found mine as FB, but then more like blueberry...