Blue color help please, I tried checking the Blue Color thread, need human opinions

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  1. Hi guys
    Please help, I'm trying to find the closest match to indigo, both in depth and tone. I'm trying to find an Evelyne to go with my indigo evergrain Kelly so I can interchange straps. I don't mind the Evie being a different leather. Is obscur or ocean color closest to indigo???

    I've looked at the bags in the color thread and various color charts all over the web and I still can't figure it out. The only verbiage I could find was that ocean has a green undertone that I don't see in my Kelly.

    Thanks as always for your help
  2. I think bleu nuit looks nicer with indigo than ocean. I have a B30 bleu ocean in togo and in daylight it has a greenish tone like you described and only in darker light it looks imo like a navy blue with a hint of grey.


    The last pic is imo most accurate when describing the colour
  3. Thanks so much Serva1, I hadn't even thought of blue nuit. I guess I'll look for that color since an indigo Evelyne seems to be pretty elusive. And your ocean B is beautiful, your twilly kinda looks like how a lady would wrap a shawl around her shoulders to stay warm :smile:
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  4. The Evelyne TPM currently comes in blue nuit but with a blue indigo strap.
  5. This. And yes, bleu nuit to me is closer to indigo for sure. AND so great in an Evie.
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  7. Thanks you guys. After Serva1's comments on Blue Nuit being closest to Indigo I went to the H website and shocking :amazed: there was a BN Evie in PM and in GM both available. I know neither was there the day before but I also know to check on Friday mornings...but I never seem to get lucky. I immediately bought the GM and about an hour later the GM was no longer showing as available on the website....hoping I snagged it. As of 5 minutes ago, my account still shows my order as "In preparation" sooooo cross your fingers for me please! THANKS!!
  8. Good luck! I have Evie TPM in Bleu Nuit and I bought my bestie the PM...such a great color!!