Color Blue Color Family- PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta bags in the Blue color family.
    Please indicate the color name, color code, leather type, style, season and year of the bag you are posting. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Oceano Blue Montaigne, Nappa, S/S 2008
  3. Atlantico Men`s Tote in Nappa Umbria with Ebano handles, S/S 2007, 169612 V7781 4082. Pic taken with flash
  4. Oceano Montaigne Resort 2007/8, t-strap origami detail sandals

  5. Oceano Card Case, S/S '08
    2 (2).jpg 3 (2).jpg 5 (2).jpg
  6. i'm assuming this is the baltic pleated veneta as the website said midnight blue.
  7. [FONT=&quot]Galazio Zip Coin Purse, S/S 2008[/FONT]

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    Cobalt Nappa Cabat - Cruise collection 08/09:
    cobalt_cabat_model_tpf3.JPG cobalt_nappa_cabat_tpf1.JPG
  9. Iridescenet baltic clutch
  10. My baltic blue montaigne - no flash

    Baltic blue with flash (pic on right)
    BV Baltic.jpg baltic1.jpg
  11. Some blues for color comparison. First two have no flash; the two at right have flash.

    The colors in the photos are:

    Phone Strap = Oceano
    Ball Bag seen in background = Baltic
    Cervo Clutch = Glacier
    Card case = Glacier
    Double zip cosmetic case = silvaplana
    Patent clutch = unnamed dark blue
    bvnoflash3pf.jpg bvnoflash9tpf.jpg bvwflash5pf.jpg bvwflash8tpf.jpg
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    Azure clutch (4802) - (netaporter) - Cruise collection 08/09:

  14. Oceano Large Capri:
  15. medium cobalt cabat
    P1080776.jpg P1080793.jpg P1080806.jpg