Blue Christmas?


Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
Thanks, do you like it with the rutheium hardware or the silver hardware?

I like it with Ruthenium hardware more. Don't get me wrong, this handbag would be lovely with Silver HW too.

I have a Red Caviar Jumbo with RHW and I love it more & more every time that I carry it. RHW coordinates with all my jewelry IMHO.

Back to the original question...yes, dear, I would keep this lovely Jumbo. It's to die for! Big congrats! :smile:
Jun 2, 2012
What is making you doubtful, CPA? Ultimately, it is your call. I would not get a bag if there is a slightest ounce of doubt. Ali, here in my country, Chanel does not do returns, only exchange or for very very good reasons (eg defects), so we have to be very sure before we make our purchases.