Blue chevron flap, what to do??

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  1. I've been debating back and forth whether or not to add a blue flap to my collection, I really wanted a bright cobalt blue. I went to my nearest Chanel boutique and saw the lambskin blue with silver hardware and was a little disappointed with it. I've been seeing a lot of pictures of the 16c blue online and it looks like the shade I want but it's hard to tell because I know how hard it is to capture the true color of the purse through pictures, but they also all have ruthenium hardware and I prefer silver for this blue. A few days ago I was on a thread and saw a reveal from another TPFer of a medium flap in the exact color, leather, and hardware I wanted! I immediately went on the hunt and texted all my SAs, luckily one responded right away saying he had one! It finally came home today, I'm so in love with the color but this is my first chevron flap in caviar, all my other ones are the original quilted pattern. The top/flap part looks perfect, nice and puffy. However it's the bottom portion that I'm thinking twice about. I've noticed a bit of wrinkling on it. I can't tell if the bag has just been handled a lot or that's an issue because of the chevron pattern. If anyone has any insight on this, please let me know. I take very good care of my bags, they always look flawless even after years of having them, so I think would really bother me. Please tell me if I'm over thinking it?





  2. I believe it's just the leather, I have a cobalt blue chevron o case from the same collection and it has some wrinkles as well. It doesn't bother me though :smile:
  3. It's beautiful. It's leather, and leather has its own character.
  4. If you're not 100% happy with it, you should send it back and keep looking for the perfect one. I take very good care of my bags too and I know how something like this can really bother you. I have a feeling if you keep this bag, every time you look at it the first thing you see will be those wrinkles at the bottom... I hope your SA can locate another one :smile:
  5. Chevron can tend to have those wrinkles, but yours might be too much for me to overlook. I have its big sister Jumbo and it is perfectly smooth.
  6. It is so beautiful!!!! I alternate by laying, and hanging my bags. If you hang the bag the weight would help with the creasing. I personally would send it back, but you have to decide what will make you happy. Never settle. I'm sure you would find a new bag without problems. Tpf has a lot of handbag lovers with many SAs that are willing to help. You have to be happy with your bag. Keep us posted.
  7. I personally would keep it, most of caviar chevrons I ve seen have some type of wrinkles. The bag is beautiful.
  8. Honestly, I think that I would be bothered by the wrinkling, especially since it is right in front. This blue is gorgeous- I bought it in the jumbo and square mini- the jumbo has some slight wrinkling but it is on the back and very minimal, so I could care less. I think if it already bothers you and is a concern, it will continue to bother you. Maybe try to locate another one and do an exchange?
  9. I would return and try to find another one. While some people would be ok with certain flaws on bags, I tend to be overly critical and make sure the ones I'm buying from boutiques are pristine. When I was searching for my chevron so black jumbo, I literally tried 5 bags before finding a perfect one! (Some would call me crazy...)
  10. I saw this bag in person, and it had wrinkles too. Chevron due to the stitching all in one direction is more prone to wrinkling. I personally can't live with it, so I passed. But as others have mentioned, some don't mind. Just depends on if it bothers you or not.
  11. I have learned I really dislike wrinkles, and make sure to ask the SA about any wrinkles now before buying sight unseen.

    I think you could find a better one.

  12. Thank you ladies for taking the time to reply, much appreciated :smile:

  13. Thank you for your input! She really is beautiful

  14. Ok, thank you all for taking the time, you all just reaffirmed what I was feeling. I thought I was being a bit overly critical and neurotic lol! I'm so very grateful to have this forum as an outlet, my friends don't really understand my Chanel obsession. And I hate to bore them by obsessing over things like this.

    I'm so sad to return the bag though, I bought it sight unseen and I had actually never seen this chevron in caviar IRL. But I now know that I'm not that big of a fan, I'm probably going to stick to the original quilts. Hopefully I can find a blue that I like. Thanks again ladies, you guys are the best!
  15. Hi If i were you, i will keep it. to me those wrinkles are minimal, i can deal with it :smile: but if that worries you and youre not 100% happy with it, you should send it back.