Blue blue blues...


which work should rebe get??

  1. bleu india

  2. bleu de france (french blue)

  3. bleu india

  4. bleu de france (french blue)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hello everyone!! happy new year!!

    With my vacation i have plenty of time to visit the forum and plan my next bbag purchase...i dont want to wait until march so right now i need help should i look for blue india work or bleu de france (french blue) work??? please girls whoever has pics of either post them here ive seen a couple in my search but no BI work...
  2. Can someone show both color here? thanks
    I chose French blue.
  3. I vote for French Blue
  4. Another vote for french blue.
  5. Oo, French Blue!
  6. oh french blue definitely!
    such a rich and beautiful blue.

    i'm looking for a blueberry luck so far...wishing you the best of luck with deciding!
  7. LOL - blue is my all time fav colour... I'd say BOTH! hehehehe!!!
  8. french blue is a bit too bright for me....
  9. ^^^ I agree. I absolutely love blue india. It's one of my favorite blues! :smile:
  10. I voted French blue. It's so bright and cheery!!
    Although the Blue India is so calming.....:confused1:
    Can I re-vote...for BOTH?! :devil:
  11. They're both gorgeous but I voted for BI because that's what I prefer. It depends on whether you prefer a softer more soothing color or a bright energetic one.
  12. I prefer BI
  13. i find bleu india absolutely gorgeous i vote for this one ! :yes:
  14. blue india!!!!
    although I've never seen FB IRL! but I have blue india and it's too gorgeous for words!
  15. I like french blue.