Blue Blue Blue 08... which one will you choose

  1. Since there are so many blue shade in this season... which colour and style you would like to take... :smile:
  2. i'm still holding out for an electric blue rh city ~ after all the negative vibes i nearly cancelled my order! ~ thank goodness i didn't 'cos these first pics are :love::love::love: ~ i was disappointed to hear it described as french blue which i found quite insipid IRL compared to the initial pics ~ OMHO ~ the sky is a pretty pale blue IRL ('tho not as in baby blue) ~ but not for me ~ we'll see ~ exciting stuff! :sweatdrop:
  3. Definitely EB (City , Day or Work?):wlae: Havent decided whether RH or GSH though..:supacool:
  4. I'm getting a Turquoise Twiggy and a coin purse in Electric Blue. Sky Blue is pretty but I'm concerned about the fading issues we had with the 2005 Sky Blue...
  5. Still awaiting an EB City with regular hardware! I like the sky blue, too, but light colors aren't really my thing.
  6. I'm hoping turquoise will be AWESOME! Also its good that its one of the collection colors....then I can save till March...
  7. I am torn between turquoise and electric blue. So far I love electric blue, but I'd also like to see turquoise before I decided which blue it will be for me.
  8. Vikianderson: Congrats.. Though I saw EB only in purse today, but I'm sure that it's hotttt in city style. Pls show us when you receive ;)

    Chinkee21: Tough decision then..Just imagine that how yummy she is in either City or Day with GSH... Good luck :biggrin:

    ChestChire Cat: Cool.. I'm waiting for twiggy in either SB or Turqouise too...Actually, I'd prefer SB... but when you raise the fading issue, I have to rethink about that then

    BadgerGirl81: EB will be great in City style... G'luck :biggrin:

    Ilikepenguins, Kirsten: Tough decision then... I'm waiting for Turquoise too..From the 08 chart posted in Tpf, turquoise looks so gorgeous. But we have to wait til march....:sad:

    I think EB is gonna be hot colour in this season ...hehe
  9. I'm currently waiting for an EB city...that being said, I want to see what the Turquoise looks like! I love the blues...
  10. Turquoise work! I'm hoping the leather is extra yummy to make up for the pre collection leather being hit or miss.
  11. I got the sky blue work with rh... and I LOVE it..
    I don't want too bright of a blue so sky blue is great!!

    I might get a turquoise coin purse with rh too... I think i can have small amount of bright blue.. .hehe
  12. I'm also waiting to see turquoise. That's the one that's really tempted me from the beginning, but I really want to see something more than a teeny-tiny swatch!!
  13. i just got turq 05 but i still want to see turq 08 even though all the leathers from this season have been very veiny and dry looking
  14. May22, you're not helpinggggggggg:hysteric:But I think for EB I am leaning more towards City..I kinda like a Day in a not-so-bold shade...:girlsigh:
  15. All of the bubblegum, vert thyme and sahara I have seen in stores have very good leather. Let's just hope the turq comes from the same stock. :tup: