Blue, blue and blue! Please post pics of your lovely BLUE bags!

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  1. Ok, blue is not my favorite color, its pink. But I think I need to branch out a little in color. :yes: I have so many pink bags and 1 black, haha. And I've decided to buy a blue one now, coz I wear blue jeans a lot. So I need some inspiration! :p

    Please post pics of every bag you have that's blue! :nuts:
  2. ...
  3. Let's try this again w/ watermarks... :rolleyes:

    LV Mini Mono Marie
    LV Denim Speedy
    George Gina & Lucy CATCHALL in inthe/navy
    George Gina & Lucy MISS PERFECT in aqua/curacao
    1marie.jpg 1speedy.jpg 1catchall.jpg 1missP.jpg
  4. My only one blue bag !!![​IMG]
    photo 009.jpg
  5. Marc Jacobs Ursula Bowler
    Ursula bowlers.jpg
  6. Balenciaga blueberry Day hobo, Bulga navy Crescent satchel.

  7. Here are my Minkoff Royal M. After and Tano Jetsetter...I love the way a blue bag pops! Since I got my Minkoff, I tried to sell my Tano on eBay and am now torn between relisting it or just keeping it for myself:pSo my question to those of you with more than one blue bag (ie.Zeitgeist) is do you find that you use BOTH? :confused1:
    RM Royal.jpg TanoBlueJetsetter.jpg
  8. Here is my Jimmy Choo Wet Look Patent Leather Riki I received last Friday.
    blueriki2.JPG blueriki.JPG
  9. Betnyp - I love the color or your RM bag... OMG I was debating for a looooong time on what color to choose... but is that size too big? should i get a mini instead as i'm really petite?
  10. Judith Leiber bag and Hermes Birkin in blue jean

    Marc Jacobs Blake in denim and Balenciaga City in cornflower

    Dooney & Bourke and Michael Kors
  11. SamSam1201, that's such a tough call...I've seen lots of posts about which size to get and while the RM reg. morning after IS big- I don't feel it's too huge on me and I'm 5'6 (seen it compared to an LV speedy 30 if that helps ). I love it!!!
  12. Alviero Martini
  13. Baby Paddy in Bleu Nuit w/ black hardware:
  14. Another blue fiend here :yahoo:

    Baby blue, Azur and the Indigo bunch


    My favorite vernis color: INDIGO!! :love:

  15. Here's my fendi spy in petrol..