Blue Birkin on trusted reseller site

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  1. This is a site given in this thread in the LV forum. They're a trusted reseller I hear, just expensive.

    I was browsing and saw a blue birkin and lots of cute scarves.


    I know nothing about them except they're fabulous and hard to find so I just thought I'd pass on the info! They also have an "oatmeal" lizard kelly.

    I'm still in the infant phases of purses buying, the LV stage. I hope to graduate to Hermes one day too if my wallet allows! lol :drool:

    Hope those are real.

    Happy Birkin hunting, ladies!! :yahoo:
  2. what one did you see the birkin on?
  3. Those pictures look like they are from The Snob - Women's Designer Clothing and Accessories Consignment Resale Store and the website is also on the reputable reseller list. I did deal with them recently and although the bags are authentic, they charge an arm and a leg for shipment (to Canada from States) and I had to pay quite a sum for customs. It turned out I paid the same price for the visibly used bag as I could have bought a brand new one. Choice is yours.
  4. Sorry I thought I listed it, my mistake. It is the snob, and I've never done business with her just thought I'd pass on the Birkin siting. I'm sorry that happened to you Birkin101! :cursing:
  5. :push: That's ok, I guess this is the only way to learn (through mistakes). I am lucky I did not buy that Birkin. Can you imagine what kind of customs I would have to pay.:wtf: