Blue Bee sale in Santa Barbara

  1. I'm not sure if everyone knows but Blue Bee's sale starts this Friday and was wondering if anyone has gone in years past. I am considering going, but I live about 3 hours away. The problem is that I won't be able to get there until Sunday and would like to know if it's still worth it or if everything good would be gone already. TIA!
  2. By Sunday, most of good stuff are gone. However, if you can make it when they open at 8am, you might still be able to get something nice. From the last sale (in Sept, I think) I got adam+eve, marc jacobs, and trovata clothes for 70% off on the last day.
  3. I bought a $268.00 pair of betsey johnson shoes and Guisippe Zannotiss (pardon the spelling ) that retail for $450.00 all for $60.00....
    There were Marc Jacobs Purses/Boktier/Tarina Tarintino, among others.
    Make sure to check out ALL the stores.
  4. Ive always had great luck with the Blue Bee Store, Oh yea I was just in the Blue Bee off State store and everything in the store went from %30 to %50 off.
  5. thanks for posting.
  6. Friday - 50% off
    Saturday - 60% off
    Sunday - 70% off