blue bal bag

  1. hello lovely ladies ... i'm a bit of a newbie to this forum and need your help.
    I own a little mini navy balenciaga - its the same shape as the First but its a clutch so has a different stap. Anyway, i saw a STUNNING bag ages ago (like agggges) and it was a sky blue colour. Almost like a light denim. There was also a seafoam type colour.

    Now, i know these colours dont exist anymore but does anyone know where i could find one? Also, does anyone have any piccys so i know the exact colour?

    Thanks so much gals :heart:
  2. If they're from past seasons, the best place would probably be eBay as they are not sold in retail stores any longer. You can go to the Balenciaga Ref. Library to find out exactly which colors & the name that goes along with it. Here's the link: Good Luck!!
  3. I would just keep checking eBay! :tup:
  4. thanks so much!