blue bags

  1. I am searching for a blue bag. Navy, teal, whatever.. .any suggestions??
  2. try hayden harnett, coach and balenciaga!
  3. The Kale Palmer in Peacock is TDF! Its sold out but they have a new blue color that is pretty too. You can look at

    Also, Hayden Harnett has some pretty blue bags; check out the Ana and the mercer in Ink

    Lastly, if you can find one...Anything in Carbon blue by MBMJ is pretty, whether it is the Sharpei, the teri, the bowler, and more.

    Good luck!
  4. oh oh oh one more: Rebecca Minkoff has GORGEOUS blue bags. check out the morning after or the classic hobo or many of her other bags. Very pretty shades of blue!
  5. Longchamp has some beautiful blues in their fall line, check out the Rodeo.
  6. i just bought a rebecca minkoff morning after bag in was on sale for $400(off of $585) on