Blue bags for fall

  1. I followed that old thread "Pretty Blue Bags" for a while - and even referred to it frequently when I needed some more inspiration - but I figured maybe it was time to start a new one. :nuts: Have you seen any blue bags (any shade) from the fall lines that have been coming out that caught your eye? Post (or copy and paste) any pics that you have come across!

    Here's a navy blue Marc by Marc Jacobs that I came across. [​IMG]
  2. Anna Corinna:

  3. I've been on a blue bag kick lately! Here's two that I have bought in the past month: Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh J.J. Bowler (the one that you mention above) and Fendi B East-West Shoulder Bag (this one actually came out in the spring, I think, and I just bought it on sale).

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh J.J..JPG Fendi B east-west shoulder bag.JPG
  4. Mulberry also has some pretty blue bags this fall in a color called "indigo."

    pics from



    Large Smithfield.JPG East-West Bayswater.JPG Henley.JPG
  5. I love my Kale Palmer in marine. Very pretty for fall. Also, Hayden Harnett has some really pretty blues.
  6. I love this smoke-blue color Hayden Harnett has.

  7. Anya Hindmarch also has several cool bags in navy patent for fall...

  8. I love my smoke blue Hayden Harnett Triple Strap Satchel
  9. Two more navy Anya Hindmarch's....

    (pics from


    Anya Hindmarch navy Kennedy Naplak tote.jpg Anya Hindmarch2.jpg
  10. I just got a Tano Minilisa in blue that I plan on using this fall. The only pic I can find now is the green one, sorry!
  11. For those ladies above who didn't share what these bags look like, PLEASE post pics! :yes:
  12. I am loving the color of these bags!!

  13. I was just thinking about this, and decided to keep my Tano Sex Bomb Crunch in Cobalt Blue.
    I had too much trouble trying to find a blue that I liked, and didn't cost more than my mortgage! :graucho:
  14. If anybody's looking for a good deal on a blue bag, that navy MbMJ I posted above is only $458. It's a very well made bag for the money. The MbMJ line is looking much more sophisticated than usual this fall, IMO. :yes:

  15. Mmm, keep em coming! I love blue bags! :drool: