Blue bag with golden hardware? Help needed.

  1. Hi there,

    I desperately need your help. I saw a girl at a store yesterday with the most beautiful colored bag. However I'm not sure whether it was real or fake. The color was TDF anyways. :love:

    It looked like a Motorcycle in a very dark, but still powerful and vibrant blue shade. The thing that looked strange to me however was that it had pretty shiny golden hardware?! Do they come like that at all?

    I really hope someone can help me identify this color if it was an auth bbag. I looked around the ne but didn't find anything in that shade :crybaby:

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  2. Hmmm, the dark vibrant shade could be blueberry, but bright golden hardware?? The only really bright gold hardware I am aware of was on the Satin line (I am purposely not taking into consideration the new *big* golden hardware because it is not released yet). I wonder if she took a brass polish and polished the hardware? I don't know that anyone has done that, but it's possible that with a brass polish, the hardware would loose the antique finish.

    I wish you well,

  3. Hi Bridget,

    yeah, I checked out the blueberry, but as I remember the color it was a bit lighter (is that how you say it?!) than that ... I'm constantly trying to think of a comparison, but none come to my mind ... I really hope that I might see that girl around again (luckily my city is not that big) so I can ask her about her bag ... Probably it was a fake, I have to admit that I know close to nothing about Balenciagas (I found an awesome site dedicated to bbags once with lots of color samples, the hottest new, etc, but now I don't find the link anymore)

    Thanks for your help anyways.

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  4. 1) Was the site We know it well if so. ;)

    2) Was the bag defnitely leather, or could it have been fabric? There was a satin collection a couple of years ago that had bright gold hardware, and there was a deep, navy sort of blue and a lighter sky blue. Otherwise I'm afraid it was probably a fake.
  5. English girl: I :heart: U! That's the site I was looking for! THX!

    I'm starting to believe that it was fake (beautiful nontheless, sorry to say) .... maybe I can track her down and find out for sure :ninja:

    gosh, there are so many awesome colors for bbags out there, I really should get one (or two or three ....) :shame: