Blue Antigua Pochette Plate PM or Panda Cles?

  1. Sorry if I seem like I'm posting a lot of new threads... :shame: but I need help... :yes: Ok so I'm selling my MC iPod case on eBay, and with that money, I plan on purchasing either a blue Antigua Pochette Plate PM or a Panda Cles... I want to see if I can fit my Pocket Agenda inside the Plate, I think it will fit, but I gotta check it out at the store next week...

    I also want to get a Panda Cles and want my initials heat stamped on the back in gold... but will the heat stamp go through and make the Panda face bumpy? Do y'all know what I mean? :shrugs: ...and since the 866 representative told me that there were 10 Panda Cles' left in the US, I want to act as fast as possible?
  2. Why not both ? :graucho:

    Personally, I'd act fast and get the Panda, and hold out for gift giving season (coming fast really !) for the plate.
  3. [​IMG]

    Get panda first, you can get the plate anytime..

    I think Jimmy heat stamped his panda..
  4. Both!
  5. i would have to say the panda cles also since they are limited. you dont wont to pay double on ebay! both choices are great!
  6. I thought I read somewhere that the color heatstamping can go through the Panda.. Maybe ask LV first?? BUt YES, definately the Panda.
  7. Go for the Panda! you have plenty of time for the antigua pochette!
  8. Yep, definitely get the Panda! It will only get harder and harder to find if you wait.
  9. Definately the panda! The Plate will be around for a while, but those pandas are going to be gone pretty soon!
  10. I thought u was looking forward for the cles, the coin holder, I would say that but if u want the keychain, I´d say the plate. It´s more useful than the keychain.
  11. pandaaa they're just too cute and too hard to pass on lol
  12. definitely get the panda cles first!
  13. Hmmm... I am looking for the Porte Monnaie Rond, but I'll wait for the Groom line to come out...

    I do want to get the plate because I'll get more use out of it, but then there's the Panda Cles... I need some sorta keychain and I want something that's going to be d/c'd soon!!!
  14. hey john! if you can both...get both!!! but if I had to choose one I'd get the panda cles since there are only 10 left!! you better get em while you can boy! and I think if you get your initials heat stamped it should be mean the vachetta seems thick enough. but if you're thinking of being more practical, I'd get the plate...because it is def more useful...

    btw, are you going to order the panda from 866-vuitton and have it delivered to you??
  15. Hey Jamie... ;)

    I think my only choice will be 866.. but I'm going to figure out a way how I can pick it up from the Houston boutique.. I despise of waiting for it to be shipped to me... :P