Blue Angels- OVER MY HOUSE!

  1. I am here today getting ready to leave on vacation tomorrow and just now I hear a ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR....Over my roof.

    Then I remembered! :idea: The Blue Angels are practicing for their air show here this weekend!!

    So I get a little air show of my own today right in the back yard!! :yahoo:

    (I'll try to get a pic - low clouds today so I might not be able to...)
  2. The hubby and I went to one of the Blue Angel air shows a couple of years ago. It sent chills up my spine. It was beyond fantastic!! And dang those guys are HOT!!!
  3. Yeah!!! Seafair weekend rocks!!!! I will be at my aunt and uncle's house on Sunday and they go so close over the houses they shake! :supacool: :wlae:
  4. Nothing like a bunch of hot pilots :nuts:
  5. Love them!
  6. My dog is hiding under the computer desk--- the noise freaks her out! Tried to get pics but there are low clouds today and they are flying above them. :sad:
  7. i woke up coz the planes are so loud.....arrggghhh, cannot get a good night sleep but yeah, they r so loud..
  8. i wonder if they flew down the coast a ways? i'm on the oregon/washington border and my house shook this morning from an fly over...but i was sleeping and too lazy to get up and check what kinds they were.
  9. Could very well be!!!
  10. Loud, but so very awesome!
  11. I'm so jealous!! I looooove Blue Angels!! My parents took me when I was a little girl to see them and I got all of the pilots autograph. :biggrin:
  12. I'm spoiled with my view of them over the water and Seattle and after 16 years of their antics I've had quite enough! The local Eagles and Blue Jays don't like them either.
  13. Well that was like a fart in church. :lol:
  14. oooh Roo! LMAO! That's always a hilarious visual! LOL!

    SO cool!
  15. Ours are called the Red Arrows here in the UK. Everytime the Queen decides to have a little party to celebrate her birthday or jubilee or something I get them zooming over my house five or six times trailing red, white and blue smoke as they head for Buck palace to impress her majesty!! Shakes my poor little house to the foundations but very impressive!