Blue and a lil more blue

  1. My blue jumbo flap with gold arrived today! It was an eBay purchase ... which I HAD to have as I prefer gold h/w. I love that it has the huge CC but the prior owner shortened the straps! :tdown:So it's definitely a one strap shoulder bag.

    And the lighter blue is one I also got on eBay. Cute, huh?

    No more Chanel for a while ... uh, except the beige GST at Saks EGC. No, really, I mean it ...;)
    Chanel collection 040.jpg Chanel collection 044.jpg Chanel collection 042.jpg
  2. the darker blue is gorgeous!!! Love it!
  3. great bags! I :heart: the lighter blue.
  4. Very pretty bags. Congrats.
  5. Both are cute.
  6. Classy bags and color.
  7. ohhh i love anything blue! love the blue fonce :smile:
  8. Hmmm........ so it was YOU who outbid me for the navy. I was the next highest bidder after you. That is TWICE you took my bag! Grrrrrrrrrrr No more Mr. Nice Girl *LOL*
  9. I love blue bags.
    They're both stunning. Congrats :smile:
  10. So fun!

  11. both are TDF shades of blue! lovelovelove them both! Congrats :smile:
  12. So gorgeous! Why can't Chanel make more classic flaps in blue now?

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. i love the light blue one!
  14. Oh Gina - what can I say?? I'm laying off eBay for a while .. will that make it better??? Or are there any auctions I should stay away from????:yes:
  15. omg! they are both SO gorgeous!!!!!!!!! wow, good finds!