Blue acier or black city with silver hw

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  1. Hi ladiessss..

    I just ordered cassis city but now im so tempted to get another one either blue acier or black with silver hw..
    Should i just wait until next season and get it with gold hw???

    Im totally banned to buy another bag cuz i just got my self prada saff last month..:sad: but i keep telling my self i still can squeeze one more bag within the budget..Or shud i save a bit more money to get celine micro in navi blue early next year or this xmas..ohhhh goshhh decisionnnn..
  2. Whenever the decision is between a seasonal color or a black Bal, I think most would say go for the color. Black is available all the time. Cassis is lovely. I have seen it IRL. Nice red toned neutral.
  3. I agree ^^ I would get the seasonal. However if you ask which one I like better I would vote for black city gsh. As for the Celine...the totes don't appeal to if it were the trapeze that is a whole other story :graucho:
  4. Hi, true that i would go with colour, i have seen cassis irl as well and love her so much..
  5. Black city gold is just classic. But i think i would get the colour one next season with gold hw.cant waittttt.. Celine micro is so funky :smile: i love it. I like trapeze more as well, i think when im ready to buy its going to be micro navy or trapeze grey croc. 😲
  6. Yes black city is classic. So i assume you have decided on this?

    Yes get trapeze! It is so pretty. I think the celine micro/nano just that style looks like a robot with wings hehe...but to his own :biggrin:.
  7. Tobe honest im still not sure haha..hard dcision.:sad: summer coming here in i wana have coloured one..mybe i will wait next season n get the colourful one with gold hw :smile: :smile:
  8. If you can't decide I agree you should wait. No sense in spending all that money on something you are not sure of. When you see what you want you will know instantly :biggrin:.
  9. Update!!!

    Finally i hve decided and got celine micro in camel!!!!

    Ban ban ban!!! No more bags for this year LOL