Tech Blu-Ray Players: Are They Worth The Money?

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  1. I bought my first blu-ray movie this weekend. I had a gift card from Best Buy and couldn't find anything else I wanted, so I decided to pick up Beetlejuice in blu-ray, one of my favorite movies. Hubby has a PS3, so I thought I'd test it out. The quality was great, so I'm considering buying a blu-ray player for our bedroom.

    I'm looking at the Sharp Aquos player, since we have a 32" Sharp Aquos in the bedroom. It's $300 in most stores, but I've found a ton on eBay for around $200. I can sell my old DVD/VCR combo for about $30, so it will end up costing about $170 for the blu-ray.

    And it upconverts, I can play all my regular DVDs on it as well, and apparently it's supposed to make them look better!

  2. Blueray is nice. My h is a techie and loves all new electronics so we have one. I think it is nice and all but not necessary... That said, if you don't have anything else to buy with the money, it is kind of cool. DVDs do look better on it. I could take it or leave it but I can see the appeal.
  3. I would wait, its not like its a staple just yet and prices will come down when all movies are changed to this media.
  4. I love the crisp, clear quality of Blu-Ray :nuts: I purchased a Sony player for BF as his Christmas gift. It was on sale during the Black Friday specials for $160. So far, so good! Netflix offers Blu-Ray selections and he purchased Band of Brothers, one of our favorite series, on Blu-Ray.

    IMO, the picture quality is amazing. Since Blu-Ray won the war with HD-DVD, I think it will be around for a while (in technology time span, at least :P). If you can afford it and want to splurge, I say it would be a good buy.
  5. I like the quality of Blu-Ray, but I'm waiting for the prices to come down a little more before I take the plunge.
  6. I don't own a Blu-Ray player, but keep in mind when/if you buy one, there aren't many movies available on Blu-Ray disk right now. I'm sure that will change if it takes off, but it seems that only a limited amount of movies are on BR. Just my 2¢.
  7. My BF owns a Playstation3 and we have a few blu-ray's..the quality is just great but the prices of blu-ray players are really could wait and see if they decrease a bit.
  8. Luckily it plays regular DVDs, too, otherwise there is no way I'd consider it!
  9. We watch blu-ray movies on the PS3 as well. I think the picture quality is amazing and there is definitely a difference. Since you already have a blu-ray player (PS3), I would wait to buy another blu-ray dvd player. I'm sure the prices will drop a lot, as that's usually the case with electronics.
  10. my bf just got us a blu-ray player to go with the 50" flat screen he bought... we watched The Dark Night on it the other day and the picture was amazing. i'm not a techie... i was fine with my old 19" tv, but i think it's worth it
  11. My DH is into all that stuff so we have one. There is one concert blu ray dvd we have that does look incredibly sharp. He said he thinks all the pics are sharper, but also notices a big increase in sound quality. Good luck!

  12. I work in a video store and there are PLENTY of new/old movies on blu-ray.

    I love my blu-ray player and think that the movies are a lot crisper and the sound quality is a lot better also. I'm a big time tech/movie geek.
  13. I have a blu-ray and I notice a difference
  14. Totally worth it! I love ours!!!
  15. We have a PS3 and I love watching Blu-Ray DVDs. The BluRay DVD selection is getting better and better. I think new releases are coming out in BluRay now and almost all of our favorite movies are out on BluRay, and the ones that aren't available will be in a few months to a year.