Blu Jean Python Flap

  1. :drool: I saw a blu jean python flap online and it's truely a fabulous baby. Anyone has a python bag? What sizes do they come in and anyone knows the price? I'm so in love~:heart:
  2. I love that bag, and the color is so pretty. I don't own a python bag yet, but I really am contemplating buying one in the future.
  3. I just purchased a python this winter. I love it. It's the multi shaded brown (tortoise?) with the tassle. When I wear it, everyone goes crazy over it. I'm fairly sure it was $2895 or $2995. I saw that same one you posted on eBay also and posted it here. I wish they had it in a vibrant blue. I'm just not big on pastels (because they don't look good on me).

  4. I have this one:

    11" across
    6 - 6 1/2" tall
    3 1/2 wide
    8 1/2" drop

    Light as a feather. But I am very careful with it.
  5. fabulous
  6. Mmmm sooo pretty!
  7. That Python is amazing with the tassle! OMG!
  8. So gorgeous!!!
  9. It's a lovely colour. I also saw the red, it's shocking HOT! :yahoo:
    I really want to get the red, or the pale pink.
  10. You are so lucky. I wish I purchased it last year. The price seems gone up a lot due to the price hike. Do you mind to tell me the size of it?
  11. Thanks Maxter, your bag is amazing! I love the tassle.
  12. Mine is the same size as Maxter's.
  13. That color is insane!!! :nuts: :nuts: It looks more like turquoise :heart: