BL's Christmas Loot Teaser

  1. Hubby got me these for Christmas. He must have lost his mind temporarily. The patent Mius to go with my patent spy and the same with the McCartney pumps. The Louboutins... I'm not sure... but I have a sneaking idea that you might find its accompanying spy bag in the collection thread... :graucho:

    Confession: I also have to blame Saich, my partner in crime, to getting me mooning over these Lady Gres and spies in general.

  2. Here's another pic of the Louboutins... I cannot express how gorgeous these shoes are...

  3. Oh my gosh...TDF!!! Your hubby needs to talk to my hubby...
  4. Gorgeous Xmas score BL :tup: I'd love to have a pair of those Mius too :p
  5. Love them!
  6. Smama, proshopper, baglady1 - Thanks so much! He really outdid himself this year, especially with the spy. He totally overindulged me this year. :yahoo:
  7. BL, hubby's a sweetheart!! Beautiful, and esp. after the Spy too!
  8. beautiful shoes!
  9. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!
  10. I'm trading my hubby in on a new one after seeing this!
  11. I so need a hubby like shoes are stunning, Those Lady Gres will so go with your new LE Zucca. I would say a tight black wiggle dress would set husband pulse racing, .....might tempt him to get you these sought of presents again;).

    You always have such amazing taste.
  12. gorgeous! and what a super dh!
  13. GORGEOUS Shoes!! Your hubby is a star!!
  14. Congrats! You had a great christmas! Hubby did good:tup: Not 1 pair but 3! I love them all. Did he pick these out himself? Great taste!
  15. Thanks! It must have been really painful for poor hubby since he's a PHH and a SHH in general. He doesn't get it, but still went and did it because he wanted me to have something I wanted for Christmas. It definitely wasn't the bowling ball with a "M" on it.

    Saich - I do need to find a wiggle dress for him! LOL!

    Fate -Thanks! He definitely blew me away this Christmas!