BL's Chamois Edith

  1. I haven't decided whether or not to keep this. I am still awaiting for the Whiskey (which I hope to have by tomorrow) and see which one strikes my fancy. Which would you pick?
    Chamois Edith1.JPG Chamois Edith2.JPG
  2. I think you should definitely pick the I can have this one!!! Ha ha ha...but I am biased.:lol: Do you think it is more flesh colored than tan/yellow? It changes depending on which computer I use to look at the pics.
  3. Beautiful colour the chamois! But having seen pics of the various colours, I'm leaning more toward the Whiskey, especially for this bag. Just a richer, more classic colour.
  4. It is definitely more fleshy. That's why I am not as keen on it. It's amazing how the light changes the tones you see. I was all expecting a more yellow-toned bag. It's amazing how preconceptions affect your feelings towards a bag.
  5. How close is it to this one:
    Saks Chamois Edith.jpg
  6. It's definitely paler and has pinker hues compared to that one. I think in a couple of years, it would look like that, but right now, it's too fresh.
  7. I had both and thought (still think) the chamois is a very pretty color, But I sent back the chamois on Friday (kept the whiskey). I thought the Whiskey went with the style of the bag more and the Whiskey is the one that 'wowed me' when I opened it. I could have kept the chamois too but figured I would always pull the whiskey out to use (the whiskey looked good with anything I would have worn the chamois with). So I let it go back to someone who will love it and use it more than I would. Good luck deciding.
  8. Go for the Whiskey, the Chamois is very pretty, but i think the Whiskey looks better.
  9. I returned my chamois. I think the whiskey won't get as dirty and is a color that goes with more outfits.
  10. OMG I adore that colour for the Edith. This definitely changed my previous dislike for the bag! It looks much better than the Whiskey I think.
  11. I agree....I really like the chamois.
  12. I like the Edith in the Whisky or Chocolate color. To me it's a bag that just looks better in the darker hues - but that's jmo.
  13. Beauxgoris, did you get one yet?
  14. ^^YES! Didn't you see my post? :sad:

    I have photos and everything!!!
  15. I did...I just saw it again and remembered. Sorry! It's been a long week already! Congrats! Are you sticking with the whiskey or the chocolate, or both?
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