Blowout tips??

  1. I thought we could all share our blowout tips here!!

    Any particular tools and/or processes that you use??

    Do tell!:graucho:

    I love my red Chi dries my hair soooo fast!:nuts:
  2. These are tips from my stylist..

    blowdrying the hair from above, ie. keeping the hairdryer always elevated above your head and pointing it downwards on an angle prevents those small frizzies/flyaways

    Also, blowdrying immediatly after showering/washing your hair isnt the best, you should let the hair towel dry or air dry for a little bit before blowdrying because when the hair is the wettest, it takes longer to blow dry and longer exposure to heat can fry tips and roots, causing hair loss..
  3. Happy :heart: Day!

    My stylist recommended you stay AWAY from creamic or metal round brushes while you blow out - better to use boar bristles. The metal brushes burn your hair! If it would burn your skin, it would burn your hair he says...
  4. Always do rollers first then blow it out...makes it last longer and more shinier. thats how they do it at my salon.

    And for maintenance i use a ceramic conair iron. i also use some of frizz ease temporary relaxer
  5. My hair is stick straight and super fine. I let my hair towel dry while I put on my makeup, then I turn my head upside down and blowdry. This method gives me a little more volume than I'd get otherwise.
  6. After washing and conditioning, spray liberally Bumble and Bumble Tonic Spray all over. Then, spray thickening lotion all over if you're going for volume. Otherwise, use Straight lotion before blow drying.... You'll really love the effects.. After blow drying, simply spray hair with a little hair spray like L'Oreal Elnett. Or add a little gloss with Shine.
  7. for my thick/wavy hair, if im going straight, I wear it in a towell as long as i can, but after i still need to dry in sections or it would take all day. i use paul mitchell's super skinny serum then pin up in about 4 sections. i work one with the vent brush just to get the water out, then i use a big round brush, its skinny at the core but has long plastic bristles. after i do it all, i use the flat iron to smooth the top layer. If i do a good job and use the right amount of serum, i can go about 2 days with out rewashing and having it still feel nice and clean. I usually dont have time to do it as often as id like, so i am normally in a ponytail/bun or wavy.
  8. i forgot to mention i have really curly hair
  9. Always towel dry hair first, so that there is less time that your hair is subject to heat, use a good thermal brush and straighting balm, and use about 1/4 inch partings. Always, blow dry down the cuticle to seal it closed, never upward. Also, set your hair with the "cool blast" setting on your blow dryer after you straighten it....just a few pointers that I've learned.

  10. Great advice, same as ive heard!:jammin:
  11. When you are blowdrying, blow dry with a medium barrel brush.
    Tighten the hair around (like a roller) the brush and blow dry each section.
    When you let the hair go, twist the section of hair around and pin it on top of your head with a curling pin.
    Continue with another section of hair...
    Eventually your hair will be pinned up.....
    When finished, take the pins out and your hair will be full of loose waves and lots of body.
    Spray if wanted.
    Quicker than a curling iron and hot roller, I have those too and I use this technique cuz it's what my hairstylist does to my hair when I want the "pornstar hair" (those are her words LOL)

    I posted this in a different thread, but it's the technique I use to get big loose waves and lots of body. The blowout will last days.....
  12. ^Great tips!!

    What are 'curling pins' though?
  13. I am going to try this!! Thanks for the tip!:yes:
  14. Curling pins are like little metal barrettes kind......think of old lady press one side of the long pin and the other ends 2 pieces open up like a hard to explain. They use it in hair salons when the part your hair and pin it up to keep it out of the way so they can work on another section of hair....hope that makes sense.

    I'm telling you this method works, blew my hair out last night and all day today people commented on my hair at work, asking me if I got it cut and how bouncy it is!:yes:
  15. ITA agree with you Chodessa. I started this method when I saw the backstage pictures of the Victoria's secret fashion show :blush:
    I bought some big rollers (3 or 4) and when i'm done blowing my hair with a big round brush, I keep two or three sections either on a roller (not hot, just the normal kind), or curled and pinned with a barrette like you said.

    Take it off after a few minutes or after breakfast lol, and voila, gorgeous - bouncy - not too made-up hair :happydance: