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  1. Just made the DH go on the LV website and pick bags that he would buy for me if givent the input from me.. .HE picked on his own, the mahina xs, (one of my personal faves, but hadn't brought up because of the price tag) and GET THIS ...the suhali LE FABULEUX!! (I would personally prefer the LE RADIEUX or LE CONFIDENT but that is the most $$$ bag on the website!! holy any of you underestimate your dh's as I apparently do????
  2. Congrats on your purchases! They look so cute!
  3. Ugh, I hope to find a husband like yours someday! lol! Congrats! Your husband has fabulous taste! The Mahina and any Suhali bag is to die for! I would have fainted, or even better, breathless!

    A huge congrats! You are incredibly lucky!
  4. I estimate mine just about right lol...your dh has great he must suprise you....
  5. He isn't buying the La Fab, I don't particularly care for it..but he said the la radiux is a good compromise...!!!
  6. Your hubby has excellent taste!:yes:
  7. I KNOW! I didn't give him any coaching or anything!! impressive!!
  8. I never underestimate my DH. His motto is if it costs less there must be something wrong with it. I am the one that actually set the $1,000.00 and under limit. Your DH is wonderful....he's a keeper:tup:
  9. ^^^ha ha ha......I like his motto !
  10. he is an amazing man....I mean that...I know he would buy them in a second..with or with out my!
  11. you are lucky to have a husband with such great taste and who is so generous !! P.S. I love your pug dog picture! I have 2 pugs also
  12. he he thanks mimi-ann!! love your avatar! I live in vegas and it's adorable to see you and your hubby smooching at the lv sign!! ;)
  13. now you can start waiting them for your christmas presents ;)
  14. my ex boyfriend had the best taste.

    i miss that. i miss him.
  15. Wow...that is so fab that he has great taste like that! Not my BF though...I think he hates bags in general.:tdown: