Blow Out!

  1. This is Gracie's first shedding season and let me tell you, that little gal has shed at least 20 small dogs in the past month! I'm used to long haired dogs and shedding, but I have never in my LIFE seen a dog shed like Gracie has been. She's partly Sheltie, partly terrier (maybe). Do any of you guys have experience with your babies shedding themselves nearly BALD in the spring?

    This is her "before" shot. I'll see if I can get a similar "after" shot, but she's not been too cooperative about having her pics taken this weekend! Maybe she's embarrassed. :roflmfao:

  2. Oooo, she cooperated! Here's her "after" the poor bald baby!:wtf:

  3. oh my :nuts: my yorkie hardly sheds so i can't relate but she's adorable :p
  4. oh my! :nuts:

    she looks so little afterwords, lol!
  5. OK, I confess. I put her in the dryer and she shrank! :roflmfao:
  6. i knew it!
  7. what a precious and CLEAN little honey!!!
  8. She looks like she lost about 10 pounds! Still cute as button, though!