Blossoming Bridget! Hot Mama!

  1. Okay, I admit I think pregnant women are adorable!
    Pregnant or not, Bridget is stunning!

    Posted Aug 9th 2007 11:33AM by TMZ Staff

    Holy torpedo belly! The fantastically pregnant Bridget Moynahan was spotted on the streets of L.A. yesterday -- so ready to pop! Gorgeous!
    This kid's already looking like he's throwing a football like QB daddy Tom Brady.

    Ready, aim, hut, hut, fire!
  2. Is she having twins? That's a huge belly LOL!
    She looks great!!
  3. She looks great, but her belly is huge!
  4. I love her! I'm glad she looks happy.
  5. i love preggers too they are so cute
  6. Wasnt she due a while ago..supposedly on the same day as Giselle's birthday. I thought she had already given birth actually.
  7. She looks like she is passed due or having twins.
  8. no, not twins:nogood: I was that big at 30 weeks w/ my twins!
  9. She is all baby!
  10. CUTE!!!:nuts:
  11. Gorgeous !
  12. She looked like me when I was preggers with my boys! Maybe she's having a boy! My tummy was rounder with the girls.

    Good luck to Bridget.
  13. hut hut hut....HOT! Wow B, looking great!
  14. How CUTE!!!! I love seeing uber-pregnant women. They are always so adorable.
  15. She looks so happy. She is ALL belly!