blossom zip around purse....color help?

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  1. hi ladies! i am new to mulberry and wanted to ask your opinion on which color to buy for my very first mulberry wallet. i am undecided between the neon blue and oxblood. on first impression i fell in love with the oxblood but the second time around my heart skipped a beat on the neon blue. which color would you vote for? in time which color do you think will age well? i wear a lot of black, red, blue, grey just for reference. thanks in advance and looking forward to being in this chat room more often!!! :P
  2. I love the neon blue. I think oxblood tends to look better on a more textured leather.
    It may be worth you waiting until next month to buy as this will probably go into the sale in the seasonal colours.
  3. Welcome!

    Kerplunk is spot on - if you aren't brave for bold colours in handbags, this will add a lovely injection of colour
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    Either colour is lovely but it sounds like you're more taken with the blue. I like a pop of colour for my purses so I don't care if it clashes. Best of luck with whatever option you choose
  5. Both are lovely, and the blue will be very easy to locate in your bags. I'm on the lookout for a bright purse myself.
  6. I love the colour oxblood but, for this particular purse I personally think the neon blue looks lovely and that's the colour I'd go for.