Blossom tote - is it good?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm thinking about buying one but don't know how the leather holds up. Or how shiny it looks irl. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I just bought a taupe one...can't wait to see it
  3. i'm also eyeing one in oxblood colour. Let me know your opinion when you receive it :smile: x
  4. Will do!
  5. I got the Neon Blue and it is not bright and shiny at all - I got it for work as I have been using the plaited strap Mulberry Dorset and wanted a change - it is gorgeous - so much more substantial and a nice thick leather - Im seriously impressed. Also if you don't want this seasons colour - the outlets have reduced last years ones to £229 - in the brighter colours such as green and hibiscus - that is a seriously great price for one of these bags ;)
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  6. Good to hear. How about the size- not too large? Always difficult to really envisage.
  7. Well, for anyone in doubt: it's a great bag, quite big which is great for my job but also for shopping! Leather looks quite strong and easy to clean. The inner zipped pocket is a real good size where a find the one in my bayswater too small.
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  8. Not for me im aftaid -the blossom range looks cheap and plasticky imo..the leather is poor id pass and save for an investment bag with better quality leather but if you move on bags quickly you may love it..i really dont like the range and am not at all surprised it has been discontinued
  9. I've wondered why the Blossom tote doesn't get more positive reviews in general. Do you know when it was introduced?
  10. Well, I think those in the recent reveals look all lovely! And the quality doesn't seem bad at all to me..!
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. It's a great bag!
  13. Does this fit easily on the shoulder?
  14. Yes, it does.
  15. I would get this colour if I didn't just buy a bag. I think it looks lovely.
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