Bloomy's San Diego Tokis- here's what they got..

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  1. Hello! I just got back from lunch and I stopped by Bloomingdale's Fashion Valley just to see what they got in. Here's their number 619.610.6400

    If you call and the SA doesn't see it on the floor, ask them to check the back because I know for sure they don't always put all their stock out all at once.
    Here's what I saw on the floor: :smile:

    BV 1
    Giocco 1
    Stellina 1
    Campeggio 1
    Ciao Ciao 2

    Scoula 1
    Dolce 1
    Bella 1
    Ciao 1
    Ciao Ciao 1
    Canguro 1
    Campeggio 1
    Luna 1

    Bella 2
    Gioco 1
    Ciao Ciao 2
    BV 1

    Giocco 2
    Bella 2
    Dolce 1
    BV 2
    Stellina 1
    Ciao Ciao 2

    Stellina 1
    BV 1
  2. Do you know if they will chargesend at Bloomingdales?
  3. Yes they do!!! Maybe they'll match Macy's Friends and Family sale???
  4. Leen, What MAcy's F&F sale are you talking about ?
    is it the 15% off sale or clearance price merchandise?
  5. Oh i thought there was some sale going on for Memorial Weekend at Macy's. Maybe i heard that wrong. Sorry!

    Peachfuzz (or anyone)... if you're around, can you confirm?
  6. Yeah.. it is the Memorial Sale Weekends ..15% off.
  7. When does this sale start? Tomorrow? I want that L'Amore Ciao!
  8. I think the sale only applies on items that are on sale or on clearance.. not regular priced merchanise? Double check Bloomy's website.
    I think this is their Big Brown Sale happening.
  9. leen - no denaros??
  10. None :crybaby: I also asked about MMs and none either! The SA said alot of people ask her about the MMs and Denaro's but they just don't get em!
  11. hmmm I bought my pirata denaro at bloomies........I wonder if they stopped buying them. oh well guess I just saved some money!!
  12. mmm.. it's probably only the 'memorial' sale.. not friends and family (boo!)

    [friends and family only happens twice a year.. that one time in may and the first week of december.. also, bloomie's and macy*s are under one company or whatever so their friends and family happens at the same time]
  13. leen - wow you took a great inventory of what they had ! :tup:
  14. when i saw the toki's at first i was just eyeballing em trying to remember so i can post here.. then i said..screw it, i'm gonna write em all down lol..
  15. Leen..haha...GOOD WORK !