Bloomsbury vs sienna

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  1. I recently looked at both of these bags. They are so similar that I can't decide which one I like better. Does the Bloomsbury tend to get/look overstuffed?
  2. Are you looking for cross body only? Get Bloomsbury. Are you looking for versatility - handheld, cross body, maybe shoulder carry? Go for Sienna. They're both beautiful bags, just depends what you're looking for.
  3. I'm looking for crossbody that I can use for running around with kids. The sienna pm doesn't stick out very far, (I have a well developed booty), just curious if anyone preferred one over the other.
  4. I prefer the look of the bloomy
  5. I like the siena much better. I wanted a smallish bag I could wear on the shoulder or crossbody and got the siena pm. It's a great size and like you said, it doesn't stick out far from your body. I felt like the bloomsbury was too flat.
  6. I really like my bloomy but I don't have a Siena to compare it to. I really like the outside pocket for my cell phone and stuffing receipts, etc.
  7. I have a Siena and absolutely love it. It is not flat like the bloomie which I didn't like or big in shape as well. I find the bloomie too flat and 1D if you know what I mean. The Siena is perfect for kids, casual outings and well as formal ones. I find it such a nice bag to wear as crossbody, or shoulder or even top handle handheld. It's quite versatile and its a strutted bag with a large opening. It's not heavy either and the pleats add that special look to it as well. I have the pm size and it doesn't stick out at all. I have worn mine with jeans, pants and even summer dresses. Suits nicely. Good luck with you decision
  8. The Siena is more versatile in terms of how it's worn/carried and its shape means that it can hold more which is helpful if you tend to carry a lot. The Bloomie is better suited for strictly cross body and its slimmer design hugs the body better, but it can look a little overstuffed if you carry a lot of things, especially if they're bulky.
  9. +1 for siena:cool: (maybe my next LV)
  10. Personally, I returned the bloomy. I didn't like how flat it looked and that it was strictly cross body. I also like my bags to stand up on its own so prefer a wider depth to my bags. I prefer the look,structure, and functionality of the Siena. Something to consider...
  11. I had a bloomsbury for three years and noticed cracking of the canvas near the seams.
  12. I love crossbodies. I'm looking at the Sienna, Bloomsbury and the Mettis. I like the Sienna because the strap is removable and I could use the strap with my Pochette Accessories NM. There is no patina to worry about. But I do like the Mettis. I just want to have one bigger bag for everyday use. I want to use my NM on weekends and evenings. I'm confused. Any suggestions. I do not like the Speedy. It's too common.
  13. As the bloomsbury is the LV bag I dislike the most, I'd say go for the Sienna. I saw it in the boutique recently, it's a lovely bag and versatile. Good luck choosing.
  14. Thank you!
  15. I have the Bloomsbury and you'll find that it's very convenient and enjoyable to use. I use it when I go shopping. The zipper is so smooth and the front pocket provides an easy access for your phone. I don't think you need top handles if you are just considering a crossbows bag. I am able to fit my cosmetic pouch pm, sunglasses case mm, zippy Multicartes and my phone with still plenty of room left.