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  1. I just bought my lovely bag today,it will be my everyday bag curious where do you keep your bag?hanging or just tossing in the closet?i m just worried about straps.
  2. Sitting inside its dustbag on my purse shelf.. the strap just gently sitting sort of rolled slightly in there too, it works. :smile: For goodness sakes never tossed into a closet. Ha ha. :P
  3. Hmm, mine is usually hanging inside closet.. :smile:
  4. So you always keep it in dust bag,taking your stuff out?
  5. How do you hang it in closet?
  6. Ahh if it's your daily bag, I'd probably say it's best to leave it sitting on a shelf or foyer bench etc.. and try to not leave it always hanging with all your heavy stuff inside, puts undue stress on strap not that it's fragile or anything.. but might as well give it all the rest you can. :smile: If you have a hook where you'd want to put it maybe just hang the strap over a soft scarf or jacket not directly over a small hook, it might eventually kink the strap. If that made sense. : )
  7. Thank you:smile:
  8. I use mine a lot, so I hardly ever have it in the dust bag. I'm pretty bad, and I usually just fling it on a chair when I get home. I haven't rolled the straps or anything. Still looks great after 4 years :smile:
  9. when in use it's hang otherwise in the cover