Bloomsbury or odeon

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  1. Need your suggestion, bloonsbury or odeon mm. I want to use it for travel of also for every day. What do you think?
  2. the bloomsbury is sooo pretty! that's on my wishlist! i'd go with that!:okay:
  3. Hi, It really depend what LV bags you already have. I personally like the bloomsbury more. I love the pleat in the middle. If you already have too many monogram canvas in your collection, then go for bloomsbury for a change.
  4. I like the Bloomsbury more...
  5. You know what I think!! :biggrin:
  6. I like the pleat in the Bloomsbury too; it just gives it that little bit of sass!
  7. I really like them both! Guess it depends on if you need/prefer damier or monogram?
  8. Bloomsbury!
  9. I really like the Bloomsbury because I generally prefer damier.
  10. love the Bloomsbury!
  11. I like the Bloomsbury more
  12. Bloomsbury. I just got home from trying them both on and I am buying the Bloomsbury ;)
  13. Bloomsbury definately!!
  14. l have the Odeon, and l love it, but saying that if did not have a damier speedy, then l would have got bloomsbury..nice bag :smile:
  15. I tried them both on today both GM. I am plus size. I love the Odeon and it is wider, but I am not a Vachetta fan. I tried on Bloomsbury and put my stuff in it and it fit. My mother even loved it and she gave me 100 on it, i had a 100 gift card and Saks charged the rest, so Bloomsbury GM is mine!!