Bloomsbury or Odeon in they make it??

Im hoping you fabulous ladies of LV can help me.
I really would love to add an Azur to my collection. Does anyone know if they make the Bloomsbury or Odeon in Azur canvas? I have looked on but don't see it. I would really love either of these 2 bags in Azur. If they don't, i think I may need to get the Galleria. My birthday $$$$ is burning a hole in my pocket :graucho:
thank you all in advance!


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Jul 24, 2006
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Sorry...neither of these bags come in Azur. I have the Odeon MM and love it. It's one that is frequent rotation.

If you are looking for a cross-body Azur bag, the Pochette Bosphore comes in Azur, I have one as well, the only downside is that it doesn't have a gussett like theother bags.


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Sep 23, 2008
You could always check and see if you could special order the Bloomsbury or Odeon in azur?? Otherwise I'd go for the Galliera, it's a really gorgeous bag! Good luck!