1. do they ship via ups or fedex? does anyone ship ups?
  2. I jsut bought a dress from them and they shipped it with UPS I believe (I bought too many things online lately...hehe). It definitely was not FedEx for the ground shipping though...cuz the box wasn't white with purple and orange letters.
  3. does anyone know what they have in stock these days?
  4. thanks - i am looking for the classic clutch, a bundle tote, or any patent flaps
  5. I purchase Chanel from Bloomingdales NYC they ship UPS. If you would like S/A info you can PM me. I have been working with the manager of Chanel handbags for quite awhile.
  6. I agree with Penny - the SA i use there is terrific ... she found me a bordeux reissue while I was in Hong Kong!! They don't ship overseas but she sent it to my mom who sent it to me ...

    I was in the NYC store just two days ago and they don't have much really. All I know is the trunk show is Feb 8th so I guess that is when we will see the spring/summer stuff.

    If there is a particular bag you want - let me know, I can always call my SA or go to bloomies (I go at least once a week).
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    I spoke w/ my S/A there today. She is going to take pics of the Trunk Show for me with her cell phone and send them to me. We use the same cellular carrier. I buy from only one S/A but I have talked with a couple of the others and they are really nice as well. Cant' wait for Feb 8th:yahoo: