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  1. Bloomingdale's is currently having its Big Brown Bag Sale thru 2/15.

    This sale, however, is not doing anything for me. Does anyone know when the next Private Sale or F&F Sale will be? TIA!!
  2. I was in Bloomingdales yesterday and they said they are having a presale on the 19th for 15% off for F&F and 20% off for cardholders.
  3. does it include chanel glasses?

  4. Thanks!!
  5. i went to bloomies on friday...there were signs everywhere....but when i bought the tory burch flats which was not included in the sales. i am not sure what's included.
  6. I don't know if Chanel sunglasses are included, I was looking at the handbags and the salesperson said all the bags were included in the sale except for Fendi.
  7. I'd like to know if Chanel sunglasses are included too!! TIA

  8. probably not
  9. hey guys, i just called my local Bloomingdales and they said no, Chanel sunglasses are not included.
    as for the event itself it starts on Friday but it's not a Friends and Family sale.
  10. What is the event then?
  11. The sale is 15% off and 20% off if you spend $300 or more and put it on a Bloomy's card. I received the actual coupon in the mail last week but you shouldn't need it since the sale also applies to online purchases.
  12. Ludbag: Thanks for the confirmation!!
  13. is burberry included?
  14. ^^ I was at South Coast Plaza last weekend and the sale is called Shop for a Cure...they were pre-selling over the weekend...the event begins on the 19th.

    I was specifically told by an SA that Burberry is included. The discount was 20% off in the handbag dept.
  15. does anyone know if louis vuitton is included? i know usually it's not, but an SA told me that even david yurman is included and usually that's not the case (i totally forgot to ask about lv)...